The Thread-iT is a sturdy and simple device that is capable of starting multiple types and sizes of wire or cable through walls, floors and ceilings with ease. It's a slender rod with a blunt probe end and a threaded wire connecting end. When attaching the wire to the tool, you don't need to strip the sheath from the wiring. Merely screw the tool into the end of the wire insulation.

The probe end of the Thread-iT will guide the tool through the wall, ceiling or flooring and insulation. By pushing the device through the wall, the attached wire follows and is also threaded through the wall.

The Thread-iT is constructed with a non-conductive, high-visibility, powder coating.

The Thread-iT is the Standard!

Used by Verizon and Frontier Communications techs on thousands of wiring jobs for over 10 years and recently brought on line by Comcast!

The Thread-iT is now available through the following companies:

Border States Electric Supply
Core Telecom Systems
Dakota Supply Group
KGP Telecommunications
Locators & Supplies, Inc | Online ordering available!
Power & Tel | Online ordering available!
Root Brothers Manufacturing & Supply Co
Tech Tool Supply | Online ordering available!

Parts Available:

T20012 - T20024 - T20036